June 2, 2012

The Electrifying Duo

Morgan is a Black mercenary skilled in the martial arts and knowledgeable about all types of weapons. He is a walking arsenal. He carries his guns and knives in his jacket, belt, and boots. Like any expert, he believes that “A craftsman’s got to respect his tools.”

Felicity is a beautiful red-haired, green-eyed Irish international thief knowledgeable about jewelry, fine art, and security systems. She is a walking burglary tool kit, carrying her tools on her person and in her hair. She is “both a technician and an artist, the best at what she did….”

The electrifying duo becomes a team after a mean SOB named Adrian Seagrave double crosses both of them. Morgan is left stranded in the jungle after he assassinates a leader in Belize for Seagrave. All six men on his team of mercenaries are killed.

Three men kidnap Felicity as she is escaping from a house carrying a diamond brooch Seagrave hired her to steal. They relieve her of the brooch and leave her stranded in the Belize jungle. Morgan and Felicity team up to find and punish Seagrave.

In a coincident that works well for the plot, Morgan, driving the jeep he used to escape from the Belize police, happens upon Felicity, and rescues her from a long walk home to Los Angeles.

The relationship between the Irish beauty and the Black mercenary makes this bland novel worth reading. The psychic connection between them is not the kind that allows them to talk to each other without speaking. Morgan is good at accurately estimating distances. Felicity has an accurate sense of time. The real connection is their physic ability to sense danger and to sense when one or the other is in danger. This ability seriously interfere with their becoming lovers.

The Payback Assignment is not one of Camacho’s best. It succeeds in making the two main characters interesting but the plot is run of the mill; they spend the entire novel escaping from traps Seagrave’s thugs lay for them. Criminals versus criminals is good plot situation but incidents have to vary. The hero and heroine escaping trap after trap becomes too repetitious. There are no surprises and no twists.

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